Friday, April 23, 2010

Society Update

For anyone wondering the status of our group and information on future meetings, currently we are seeking the Lord's direction in the formation of a council of leadership.

As a new branch of the old NE Michigan Reformation Society, we are having to form a new group of leaders who will work together to oversee the direction and planning of our society and its meetings. While I am presently serving as the pastor chair, this is designed to be led by a team of leaders, not one individual.

So please pray for God's will in this matter. Once we have a team in place (and there are several men presently considering this--three of whom have already agreed to serve), we will meet to begin forming our vision and planning future meetings.

Be looking for a possible meeting this summer focusing on prayer for our local churches and for two meetings this fall focusing on Bible study, using the "Reformed Bible Study" format as at our last meeting.

For God's Glory in Northern Michigan,
Jeff Ryan

Calvary Bible Church
Rogers City, MI