Thursday, May 8, 2008

Theology Quiz

Basic Theology Quiz (Answer True or False):

Questions About God and Christ

1 Jesus was God, but only appeared to be human.
2 Jesus was the first of all God’s created beings.
3 Jesus had a human body and divine soul.
4 In the Old Testament, God was known as the Father, in the New Testament, as the Son, and after Pentecost, as the Holy Spirit.
5 Mary is the mother of God.
6 God chooses people because he knows in advance they will choose him.

Questions About Salvation

1 The only way we can be saved is by the perfect conformity to the law of God.
2 We are saved by grace after all that we can do.
3 I am saved because of my decision to accept Christ.
4 God is so sovereign, he can change his mind.
5 The Bible teaches that there is an age of accountability, and that children who die before this age go to heaven because they are innocent.
6 If I die with unconfessed sin, I will not go to heaven.
7 The main motivation for holiness is fear of punishment and hope of reward.
8 God cannot hold someone guilty for the sins of another.
9 Justification is the process by which a person, through faith in Christ and sorrow for his sins, receives the gift of the Holy Spirit and so becomes a child of God.
10 God cannot require of us anything which cannot be performed.
11 True Christians believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible.
12 God helps those who help themselves is a biblically sound principle.
13 Though no one is perfect, the Lord looks on the heart to see who really loves him.

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