Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The New North East Michigan Reformation Society

Some exciting things are happening with the North East Michigan Reformation Society. First, our next meeting will be in September. More information will be forthcoming when the details are solidified.

Another exciting occurrence is that the council of the NEMRS has decided to have separate meetings in the north and south of our region. We felt that because we were so spread out that participation was difficult. Hopefully, this will encourage more participation and reaching greater numbers. At some point, we will probably form two separate societies, but for now, we remain one with separate meetings.

In addition, Arthur Sido, someone who attended one of our meetings, has started a reformation society in the Lansing area. Their first meeting is August 1 for more information see their blog. Then, in November, Dr. Joel Beeke will be speaking .

Finally, the NEMRS has been instrumental in getting Dr. James Boice on the radio in our area thanks to the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Dr. Boice can be heard on WJOJ 89.7 at 7:30am every Sunday morning. See the station's web site for listening areas.

We are excited that the Lord has used us to encourage reformation in Northern Michigan.

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