Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Reminder of the Relevance of Sola Scriptura

Recently in a youth study that covered some great and wonderful truths in the Creation/Evolution discussion, one of our teens raised his hand and simply asked, "But what happened to the dinosaurs?" In doing some research to answer his question, I came across an excellent article by Ken Ham entitled, "What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?" As I read the following, a small excerpt from the article, I thought of how crucial this is to the authority of Scripture. (You can access the entire article at


Although dinosaurs are fascinating, some readers may say, “Why are dinosaurs such a big deal? Surely there are many more important issues to deal with in today’s world, such as abortion, family breakdown, racism, promiscuity, dishonesty, homosexual behavior, euthanasia, suicide, lawlessness, pornography, and so on. In fact, we should be telling people about the gospel of Jesus Christ, not worrying about side issues like dinosaurs.”

Actually, the evolutionary teachings on dinosaurs that pervade society do have a great bearing on why many will not listen to the gospel, and thus why social problems abound today. If they don’t believe the history in the Bible, why would anyone trust its moral aspects and message of salvation?

If we accept the evolutionary teachings on dinosaurs, then we must accept that the Bible’s account of history is false. If the Bible is wrong in this area, then it is not the Word of God and we can ignore everything else it says that we find inconvenient.

If everything made itself through natural processes—without God—then God does not own us and has no right to tell us how to live. In fact, God does not really exist in this way of thinking, so there is no absolute basis for morality. Without God, anything goes—concepts of right and wrong are just a matter of opinion. And without a basis for morality, there is no such thing as sin. And no sin means that there is no need to fear God’s judgment and there is no need for the Savior, Jesus Christ. The history in the Bible is vital for properly understanding why one needs to accept Jesus Christ.

Posted by Jeff Ryan
Pastor of Calvary Bible Church in Rogers City, MI

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