Monday, November 23, 2009

Accepting Those Who Differ: Lessons On Unity From Romans 14 And 15

One of the issues that I have longed struggled with is how to maintain unity among believers. Because Christians believe in absolute truth, we often struggle to get along when we disagree on what the truth is. Doctrinal disagreement has long separated believers from one another.

Unfortunately, one of two wrong responses to doctrinal disagreement is often chosen: accepting everyone regardless of their beliefs or separating with everyone who does not agree with you in entirety. My position has been that unity is achieved when believers agree on the essentials of the faith, that is, those truths which define Christianity (the authority of the Bible, Christ's atoning death, physical resurrection, salvation by grace and faith alone, etc.). Other doctrinal disagreements while important do not destroy unity; however, I have had a difficult time establishing this view from Scripture. This link was helpful in providing a biblical foundation for dealing with those whom we disagree. Footnote number 12 is especially helpful.

Pastor Jeremy Lee
Twining Baptist Church

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