Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Jesus You Can't Ignore

Too often today Jesus is pictured as peace loving hippy who traveled around preaching love. While Jesus certainly loved peace and was the most loving person who ever lived, the contemporary portrayal of Jesus is myopic. In light of this, John MacArthur's book "The Jesus You Can't Ignore" provides a much needed biblical balance.

Jesus resembles in MacArthur's book an Old Testament prophet. He confronts the religious elite of his day with passion, zeal, and often with harsh words. MacArthur develops his portrayal from the many confrontations that Jesus faced in the Gospel accounts of his life. Twice Jesus forcefully cleansed the temple in Jerusalem. When accused of breaking the Sabbath, Jesus did not back down or alter his ministry in any way; rather, he boldly claimed to be Lord of the Sabbath. Even Jesus most beloved sermon, the Sermon on the Mount, was a severe polemic against Pharisaism.

MacArthur argues that "the practical lesson regarding how we should conduct ourselves in the presence of false religion is consistent throughout: corruptions of vital biblical truth are not to be trifled with, and the purveyors of different gospels are not to be treated benignly by God's people. On the contrary, we must take the same approach to false doctrine as Jesus did..."

I recommend this book highly. It is an easy read, a sober reminder of the need to stand for the truth, and a biblically accurate portrayal of Jesus and his ministry.

Pastor Jeremy Lee
Twining Baptist Church

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